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Saturday, 13 May 2017

New Format

From May 2017 onwards, I will try to use Vblog (Video Blog) to update my investment journey. Hope you can like and share it.

Friday, 7 April 2017

April 2017 Portfolio Update

No.StockQuantityTotal CostPriceCurrent PriceTotal CostP&L
1AIMS AMP C. In.500671.671.3431.470028.33
2Cache Logistics Trust40004370.841.0930.883520-850.84
3Cambridge Ind Trust37742732.650.7240.5852207.79-524.86
4Capitaland Com Trust15002323.271.5491.5652347.524.23
5Capitaland R C Trust18902750.561.4551.4852806.6556.09
6CDL Hospitality Trust10001596.471.5961.4851485-111.47
7China Everbright W. Ltd1000820.090.820.52520-300.09
8Croesus Retail Trust283237.720.840.915258.9521.23
9Far East Hospitality Trust20001604.050.8020.61200-404.05
10Frasers Comm T26723488.761.3061.3153513.6824.92
11Frasers Hospitality Trust63004965.780.7880.724536-429.78
12Keppel REIT31023230.321.0411.053257.126.78
14Mapletree Com Tr17002444.521.4381.5452626.5181.98
15Mapletree GCC50005058.561.0121.03515091.44
16Mapletree Logistics Trust549642.531.171.105606.65-35.89
18Pacific Radiance Ltd1500947.360.6320.137205.5-741.86
20Sabana S C REIT70004608.070.6580.5053535-1073.07
21Saizen REIT3629.210.8110.0341.22-27.99
22SoilBuild Business Trust27001878.80.6960.6751822.5-56.3
23SPH REIT500521.291.0430.98490-31.29
24Starhill Global REIT1000792.030.7920.765765-27.03
25Suntec REIT25004568.841.8281.7954487.5-81.34
26Super Group Ltd40005378.341.3451.35200-178.34
27Viva Industrial Trust571426.70.7470.795453.9527.25

Feb and March Dividend 2017

Buy DateStockDPUDividendDRIP Price
17/2/2017SPH REIT40.2Dividend
28/2/2017Cache Logistics Trust74Dividend
28/2/2017Capitaland Com Trust70.35Dividend
28/2/2017SoilBuild Business Trust42.39Dividend
1/3/2017Cambridge Ind Trust37.58Dividend
1/3/2017Keppel REITDRIP 441.0004
1/3/2017Viva Industrial Trust5.89Dividend
2/3/2017CDL Hospitality Trust55.5Dividend
2/3/2017Frasers Comm TDRIP 551.2506
2/3/2017Mapletree Com Trust38.76Dividend
2/3/2017Mapletree Logistics Trust10.24Dividend
2/3/2017OUE C REIT62.5Dividend
2/3/2017Sabana S C REIT61.6Dividend
2/3/2017Starhill Global REIT12.6Dividend
2/3/2017Suntec REIT64.9Dividend
24/3/2017AIMS AMP CAP Ind Trust13.85Dividend
28/3/2017Far East Hospitality Trust22.4Dividend
29/3/2017Starhill Global REIT39Dividend
23/3/2017Capitaland R C TrustDRIP 621.383
31/3/2017Croesus Retail TrustDRIP 2000.8423

Friday, 30 December 2016

Oct and Dec Dividend

Buy DateStockDividendDividendDRIP Price
31/10/2016Religare Health Trust372Dividend 
15/11/2016SoilBuild Business Trust37.77Dividend 
18/11/2016SPH REIT14.1Dividend 
28/11/2016Mapletree G C T72.2Dividend 
28/11/2016Suntec REIT63.37Dividend 
29/11/2016Keppel REIT DRIP 121.0859
29/11/2016Viva Industrial Trust27.39Dividend 
30/11/2016Mapletree Com Trust22.27Dividend 
30/11/2016Sabana S C REIT48.97Dividend 
30/11/2016Starhill Global REIT13Dividend 
1/12/2016Frasers Comm T DRIP 281.3249
1/12/2016Cambridge Ind Trust37.24Dividend 
5/12/2016Mapletree Logistics Trust23.21Dividend 
12/12/2016Religare Health Trust54Dividend 
15/12/2016Far East Hospitality Trust22.4Dividend 
16/12/2016Accordia Golf Trust73.5Dividend 
23/12/2016AIMS AMP CAP Ind Trust13.75Dividend 
30/12/2016Frasers Hospitality Trust147.07Dividend

Friday, 4 November 2016

Nov 2016 Portfolio Update

Most of the REIT have announced their DPU for this quarter. After XD, most of their price start to drop quite significantly. The sell down could due to the US president election for next week. As my portfolio are mainly consist of REIT and Business Trust, hence it dropped almost 1.2k plus. The only glad new is that Super group is going to privatize at $1.3. Hope it can increase to $1.35 as my average was $1.345.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Finally Found a job

After 3 to 4 months of finding/searching, I managed to find a job. As a fresh graduate without any working experience, it is really hard to find as my Uni results were very average. Some of the companies really like to ask too technical questions which are quite hard to answer. That's is why I took so long to find. Even though, the company is far from my house and the pay is low, but it's better to earn some income first and gain more experience from this company. Rather than everyday stoning at home, waiting for company HR to call to you. It's really a waste of time doing nothing.

After paying off my student loan, it is also time to start save money so that I can start my investing journey.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Aug and Sep Dividend

Buy DateStockDividendDividendDRIP Price
17/8/2016SPH REIT23.12Dividend
17/8/2016SoilBuild Business Trust23.47Dividend
25/8/2016Ascott Residence Trust22.9Dividend
26/8/2016Suntec 62.52Dividend
26/8/2016Capitaland Com Trust65.85Dividend
26/8/2016Keppel REITDRIP 1316.1
29/8/2016Cache Logistics Trust79.56Dividend
30/8/2016CDL Hospitality Trust44.5Dividend
30/8/2016Viva Industrial Trust9.99Dividend
30/8/2016Mapletree Com Trust27.89Dividend
30/8/2016Starhill Global REIT12.9Dividend
30/8/2016Frasers Comm TDRIP 2836.15
31/8/2016Sabana S C REIT50.19Dividend
1/9/2016Cambridge Ind Trust40.68Dividend
2/9/2016Far East Hospitality Trust20.2Dividend
2/9/2016Mapletree logistics TrustDRIP 2022.73
5/9/2016Super Group40Dividend
7/9/2016OUE C REIT13.4Dividend
22/9/2016BHG R REIT42.75Dividend 
23/9/2016AIMS AMP CAP Ind Trust13.74Dividend 
26/9/2016Saizen REIT2.7Dividend 
29/9/2016Croesus Retail Trust DRIP 183152.71